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Buying and selling real estate is not as easy as buying and selling goods and services of other kinds. Not only do you deal with bigger amounts of money, but when making real estate transactions you have several interested parties coming together.
Lenders and sellers collaborate while a title company ensures that the property is readily available for transfer to a new owner. Problems have a tremendous opportunity, so problems will pop up spontaneously. When trying to buy real estate, nobody wants to be shocked because it happens all the time.
This is why it is important to join in the process with the help of legal assistance early so that you can get through the process as soon as possible.

Bhalla law Firm have experience assisting clients in the following real estate law areas

  • Residential and Commercial Transactions
  • Financing and Refinancing
  • Provincial Nominee
  • Interim Financing
  • Commercial Leasing
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Purchasing and selling real estate is more complex than buying and selling other types of products and services. Not only do you work with more significant sums of money, but when you do transactions involving real estate, you also have several parties with vested interests coming together.

Lenders and sellers work together during this process, and a title company watches over everything to ensure the property can be transferred to the new owner without a hitch. Since there is a great potential for problems to arise, they will inevitably do so on their own. It is essential to acquire legal representation as soon as possible and begin participating in the process to complete it as quickly as possible and move on with your life.

Our real estate legal practice is centered on our clients, the local markets in which they operate, and their respective sectors. The real estate market in Canada is both dynamic and complex. Our real estate attorneys have a stellar track record of working on cases covering all facets of this complex industry, giving them a unique competitive advantage.

Alongside the current need for more traditional assets, there is a continuous transformation in using some real estate. This transition is driven by the expansion of online shopping and logistics facilities and the demand for more adaptable office space. When you add in the relevance of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) activities and the introduction of new technical advancements, you will need the assistance of reliable advisors to navigate this rapidly changing market successfully.

In addition to providing ongoing guidance on day-to-day concerns connected to property investments and developments, we offer integrated legal solutions that may be applied to even the most complicated transactions. As part of the comprehensive variety of services our real estate practice offers, we can provide you with guidance throughout the lifecycle of a project. As you manage the possible opportunities and hazards associated with decision-making in this fast-paced industry, our comprehensive service offering in commercial, residential, and public sector real estate is here to assist you. This covers all aspects of real estate.

Our customers profit from the forward-thinking solutions we provide to assist in expanding their businesses because we combine a comprehensive knowledge of local and international real estate markets with an awareness of associated global trends.

Our Canadian Real Estate Group members work closely with customers to build original solutions, implement time and cost-effective fee methods, and make the most of their investments. Because of this, the real estate attorneys at our firm can help clients maximise the effectiveness of their legal spending and contribute to the timely and cost-effective advancement of their business goals.

Acquiring a Knowledge of the Market

Canada's commercial real estate market moves quickly and is in perpetual change. This is due, in no small part, to the rapid transformation of digital technology, rising trends in the retail, office, and logistics sectors, and the pervasive impact of a global pandemic that is still ongoing.

Our group is sought out by the most influential people in the real estate market, who are the primary drivers of expansion in Canada's most populous urban areas. Our staff is well-positioned to offer advice in various contexts and on a wide range of fundamental estate-related topics.

What can we do to assist?

We provide a comprehensive range of real estate services that span any real estate project's entire life cycle, keeping our clients' business goals, challenges, and opportunities in the foreground. Our services begin with the project's inception and continue until its conclusion.

When it comes to refinancing a loan, purchasing an asset, developing a large-scale commercial project, negotiating a lease, or closing a sale, industry leaders turn to us because of our breadth of knowledge and decades of experience. In addition, we provide timely and trustworthy advice in conjunction with a distinctive client experience.

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