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Unfortunately, children become a legal dispute epicenter between the custodians. We have expertise in addressing the challenges that occur when children from all types of family combinations are involved today. When a child is involved in your case, our child custody attorneys in Edmonton have the resourcesto support your efforts without creating a stressful atmosphere.

Certain services include:

  • Agreements on Child Custody
  • Child care and criteria for child support if the salary reaches $150,000
  • Global children and their relatives
  • State guardians and redress for the victims
  • Child security and problems with First Nations
  • First Nations entitlement to indigenous children’s aid societies
  • Our family law services in Edmonton at Bhalla Law Office seek to preserve your family's values during your turbulent period
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Divorce / Spousal Support /Property Division

Our partners, associates and staff are specialists in divorce, mediation , arbitration, agreements, collaboration of parenting and collaborative law and collectively have more than 100 years of experience. Being accomplished negotiators and fierce litigators, we are here to help you maximize the control of the situation.

We acknowledge our clients' stress and anger, as divorce can be a traumatic process. Our lawyers have experience to direct you easily and cost-effectively through the process. We promote your interests, but most importantly, we listen to your needs and give professional advice.

We will help you to fix any problem before your marriage may end formally. These questions may be intimidating:

  • Who keeps the property and car?
  • What about the retirement plans?
  • Who will get the custody of children and look after them?
  • How much amount is required as spousal support?

At Bhalla Law office,we will help you decide on your children, your house, care and other matters in either way, through the courts or through alternative dispute resolution.

Pre-nuptial and Co-habitation Agreements

A prenuptial agreement will help to give you calmness and financial certainty now and in the future. Without this agreement, Alberta laws like the Matrimonial Property Act regulate your union. Bhalla Law Office Lawyers handling the family law have comprehensive knowledge in prenuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation arrangements.

A coexistence arrangement is like a prenuptial one. It helps a couple who want to live together (rather than get married) to settle on their future financially if they are separate. In case of a breakup, it will secure your house.

Cohabitation arrangements provide partners with a pragmatic approach to determining their financial commitments to one another as they live together. They explain your rights and have a clean breakup in case your relationship breaks down.

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