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Canadian Immigration Lawyers vs. Immigration Consultants: What You Need To Know

Canadian Immigration Lawyers vs. Immigration Consultants: What You Need To Know

13 April 2022

If you're like most Canadian immigration applicants, you either don't feel the need to engage a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer, or you can't afford it. Many immigrants to Canada hire regulated Canadian immigration consultants or lawyers every year.

So, who or why would seek the services of a consultant or attorney? Find out now.

The first thing to understand is that you are under no obligation to use the services of a consultant or lawyer in your Canadian immigration application. You can apply for permanent residency, work or study permit, or a short-term visit to Canada without the help of a professional.' If you decide to pursue the DIY (do it yourself) route, you'll have to become an expert in a complex system of programs, deadlines, and documents.

Forms or convenience are two different things

When you hire a representative, you'll be able to devote more time to more important things like your job, schoolwork, or family. This alone is sufficient for some people to seek the assistance of a professional advisor or attorney.

Filling out the many forms for your immigration program is likely a new experience. An expert consultant or lawyer, on the other hand, should be familiar with all of the questions on every single form that is required. Any expert or lawyer worth their salt can help enlighten you on the specific documents you'll need to obtain and how to go about it. With a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer, you'll have someone to help you go through your options. They make a life by doing this.

In addition, it's not just about the basic forms. In addition, what about all the knowledge and expertise you've accumulated? An experienced, skilled consultant or lawyer's few inches between their ears could make the difference in getting you settled in Canada.

You've previously been turned down

Your refusal to enter Canada should have come in the form of an official letter from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). An IRCC officer may reject an application for one of several reasons, including a lack of documentation or proof of funds, the fact that you aren't eligible to apply in the first place, or the conditions of the program, such as a desire to leave Canada after your temporary stay, aren't met by you.

You're likely to avoid making the same error again or making a completely different mistake. This is where a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer may make a big difference.

International Commission for the Recognition of Cultural Heritage

The Immigration Specialists of Canada Regulatory Council governs the practice of immigration specialists in Canada (ICCRC). Immigration attorneys are issued seven-digit ICCRC numbers when they become licensed. An immigration guide's ICCRC number needs to be verified before you proceed.

Next, immigration lawyers are governed and controlled by provincial regulatory bodies, independent of each other. They don't have an ICCRC number because they're lawyers and not experts; instead, they're listed with the bar and province where they practice law. You should be suspicious if someone tells you that your immigration lawyer needs an ICCRC number.

Defending Oneself against Scams

Sadly, there have been many cases of fraud that have affected thousands of potential immigrants around the world. While many immigration specialists may be honest, it is evident that their industry is in its prime period of deception, even if they are all honest. When choosing an immigration guide in your own country, you'll want to be careful. It's imperative that you thoroughly check the items and services you're using and be on the lookout for possible immigration red flags.